API Investment

Welcome to API Investment. We are a professional team with 25+ experience in European Investment Sector with our revolutionary models such as Managed Farmlands and Hotel Apartments concept.

API Investment specializes in the development of Managed Farmland Investment and Managed Hotel Apartments investment models.

At managed farmland investments; investors can be part of almond, pistachio, and walnut plantations. We also do organic plantations, and we have great know-how for modern and sustainable farming activities.

We strongly believe that agriculture is one of the most important industries globally. The growing population and increasing food demand make this industry more important. We also think that agricultural real estate is one of the most valuable real estate assets. The popularity and demand for this asset type have increased dramatically in recent years.

At Managed Serviced and Hotel Apartments, we offer to fully furnished properties that are available for both short or long-term let. They offer facilities much like a traditional hotel but with added space, convenience, and privacy like home, so the guest can enjoy living like a local when traveling – and usually at a much lower cost. To put it simply, our investors purchase the property and we run a service model on it for them.

“API Investment has helped thousands of people go offshore, improve their financial futures, diversify their life, and enjoy an unprecedented level of global freedom. We are on a mission to help millions of people to have the opportunity to pursuit of building wealth and live the lifestyle and flexibility they’ve always wanted.
My name is Aylin Cakmur. I’m the Managing Partner of API Investment US. My goal is to transform the quality of life for our clients by providing opportunities to get higher yields, better asset protection, and greater risk diversification by investing overseas.”

Aylin CakmurManaging Partner of API Investment

Sustainable Investment Activities


Dry nuts have a high commodity value, and dry nuts plantations have an additional asset value. API Investment has a long-term plan and vision in the Spanish Market to be one of the major companies applying sustainable agricultural activities.


Miniscule Montenegro contains a lot of beauty and adventure within its tiny borders. Montenegro is a Balkan country near Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. Throughout this small country, there are rustic landscapes with towering mountains, stunning coastlines, and well-kept heritage sites. The Riviera is one of the famous destinations for several cruise ships and travelers. With the relationships we’ve formed over the last years and through our subsidiaries, we will effectively market their apartment for them and maintain and service it. From the investors’ point of view, they don’t have to get involved in all of that.