Will I get the land registration under my name when I make the first down payment, or after completing the full amount?

We register the land under the investor’s name as soon as our buyers complete the full amount of their payments. After, we sign the notary contract and the registration of the land.

Will there be any operational or maintenance charges on the buyers from the management company?

As a nature of the investment, there is no income for the first 2 to 3 years from the plantation date till the 1st harvest. During this period, our management company pays all the expenses. After the 1st harvest, we capitalize on the product, and we deliver the net income to our investors after deducting the operational costs such as labor force, utilities, and harvest cost. Our investors get 80% of the net profit, and we take 20%

What about the track record of the company?

Agro Invest Spain is our marketing brand, and Agro Concept is our farmland investment management company, and API Group inversions are our asset holding company. Our group company has been established in different countries with offices in the UK, Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia, Qatar, and Spain in various industries, including Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Tourism, and Hospitality

How secure is my investment?

All of our lands belong to our asset-holding company. We have a very established management structure with an experienced team of engineers and a labor force. Every single project has a soil analysis report from the authorities and agricultural engineers that guarantees a 100% success record for our projects. We have the structure and capability to secure the sale of the harvest products six months before harvest at the highest prices within the domestic and foreign markets. We believe that our farmlands are one of the safest options for investment.

In which currency are the harvest proceeds paid?

Harvest proceeds will be paid in Euros for all clients to the bank account provided within the Contract. All payments will be made net. Any bank charges, fees, and expenses will be paid by the client.

What is the total term?

The term of the management agreement is for 15 years. Longer terms are possible to renew every 15 years, and are subject to price negotiation.

Can I sell my land at any time?

Yes, according to the contract, you can exit or sell your land at any time by giving us a 3-month notification without any additional penalty. We charge a 3% commission and handle the entire process.

If these projects are so profitable, why do you sell to individual buyers instead of managing and earning from them yourself?

We are already the leader in the market, but like every successful company with a great product, we want to expand and share our success with our investors and grow together. With the participation of our investors, we grow faster and stronger. We speed up our plans, and we are aiming to be the largest almond producer in the region.

Does the almond sale price fluctuate according to the market, and which price reference is used?

The price for almonds is continuously rising; the product is highly demanded in Spain and used for more than 15 product items production. We took the lowest wholesale market prices as a reference. We are making long-term annual agreements with our buyers as well as export business structure as our production volumes are increasing each year.

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